February 05, 2012


We had a great little Superbowl party tonight! Though we needed a few more people here to eat all the food I made. When it comes to dips and appetizer foods I go a little crazy. I can't help it. Appetizers are my favorite food group. So, here's the run down on our spread:

Pizza Dip, Garlic Bread and Buffalo Chicken Dip:

Hot Pepper Peach Cheeseball- recipe HERE. I just use regular peach preserves and some cut-up jalapenos in place of the fancy pepper peach spread.

Stuffed Jalapenos- sort of morphed these two recipes HERE. And I wore my rubber gloves this time like a good girl.

Spinach Dip- I now make this dip with fresh cut-up spinach instead of frozen. I love it that way! And it's easier too. No messy squeezing of the frozen stuff.

Cocktail Weenies- I just throw these together, about equal parts yellow mustard and plum jelly tossed with some little smokies.

I didn't get a pic of my homemade salsa, but it was lovely and delicious.

And for dessert I made these amazing brownies!

They are called Slutty Brownies, I need to change the name of them to something more child appropriate since I will definitely be making them again! They are three layer brownies, bottom layer is chocolate chip cookie dough, the middle is Oreo cookies and the top is brownie batter. SO easy but so sinfully wonderful. Even more wonderful with some ice cream cause they just don't have enough fat & calories on their own.

Good news is we have enough leftovers to last us the next couple days! Bad news is I need to workout about twice a day all week to make up for this weekend's yumminess.

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Dagni said...

It was all so delicious, and my scale this morning showed the biggest number it's had in the past 6 months!