February 21, 2012

New Bag!

I've been wanting a new purse for a while. Last week I went to Target and browsed the bags and just couldn't find one that I loved. There were lots of cute ones, stylish & trendy but none of them were "me." So, I decided to just make another one for myself. I bought some fabric last week on clearance, it's actually "outdoor upholstery" fabric but I liked the design and the colors and figured it might make a cute bag.

There were a few things I wanted this bag to have. I NEED at least two outer pockets. I hate fumbling around inside my purse for keys, phone & chapstick so I like keeping those separate in easy-to-reach pockets. And for this purse I really wanted to have just one shoulder strap. It needed to be roomy of course, and have a couple inside pockets too. I browsed online for patterns but didn't see any that I loved. Actually there were tons that I loved but none that would really fit my criteria.

So, I decided I had to get creative. This is the last purse I made using a Simplicity pattern:

I took this design and changed a few things. I made the pockets on the sides instead of the center, I rounded the top all the way to the sides and I made it with just one wide shoulder strap. I was actually very surprised that it turned out first try(!) with these modifications.


Side Pockets:


The lining isn't my favorite but it was fabric I already had and it actually matches quite well. One of the advantages of using the stiffer upholstery fabric for a purse is that you don't have to use any interfacing. I loved skipping that step!

Thank goodness I traced my pattern into a couple of pieces of newspaper so I can duplicate this design. I would love to have a couple more just like it in different fabrics. After using it for a few days I decided it is perfect for me!

My half yard of fabric cost $4.00. Since the lining, trim & pockets are made from fabric that I had in my stash & I already had the magnetic snap, I felt like I didn't even had to pay for those ;) So $4.00 and about 2 hours of my time. Score!!!

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