February 13, 2012

Stained Glass Hearts (an easy Valentine craft)

I got this idea last year from a friend. It's a fun little craft that is quick & easy! All you need is some old crayons & some wax paper.

Take a few crayons that are Valentine-y colors and grate them like cheese. I used our fine grater.

Take your shavings and your wax paper along with some newspaper and head on over to your ironing board. Spread out a few layers of newspaper on your ironing board then put a large piece of wax paper on top. Sprinkle the shavings evenly over the piece & take another equal sized piece of wax paper and put it on top.

Put more newspaper on top of the 'sandwich' then with a hot iron (no steam) move it back & forth until your shavings are melted. The wax will seep through, I didn't use enough newspaper last year & I still have stains on my ironing board to prove it :(

When it's cooled off, cut it into some heart shapes...or any shapes. My daughter cut some lovely little rectangles.

We punched holes in our hearts and hung them from the bottom of a blind.

There just happens to be a register underneath this window, so the hearts have a gentle breeze that makes them twirl & dance :)

When we made these the other evening, the sun was coming through the window so beautifully. Check out this picture I got of the sun shining through this heart!

Happy Valentines Day!

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