January 26, 2012


I ran across this idea last year but by the time I did, it was too late to make them before the big holiday. So I was excited to try it this year and we had a great time making them! They are a fun, unique card for kids to hand out to friends.

Here's the basic idea, take a picture of your kid with their hand stretched out like they are holding a giant lollipop. Then edit them with borders and text, or whatever else you choose. After they are printed, cut little slits above & below their hand and slide a sucker stick through the holes.

Here's our original pics:

Here they are after editing:

And here's the finished cards complete with dum-dums:(you can click on any of these images for a larger view)

I used PICNIK to edit and add borders and text. If you have never been to that site, check it out! But, do it quick and don't fall in love with it too hard because they are 'closing' in April. Don't even get me started on how upset I am about this. I use Picnik all the time and have never found any other online editing that is as easy & fun. I'm hoping somehow they will change their mind and stay open.

I had these printed at Walgreens, they were kind of a test run. I pasted two 'cards' on each 4 x 6 print then cut them apart.

I think I may get them on 5x7's for the final products so they are bigger and I will definitely get a matte finish. They'll end up being quite economical. If I used 4x6 prints, they would end up being less than $2.00 for a classroom full of kids and for 5x7's closer to $5.00. Not bad! And dum-dums are cheap ;)

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Dagni said...

Those are awesome! What a unique idea!