January 29, 2012

Potato Soup or Waffle Batter...

Hopefully this will win the prize for my strangest blog post title. And I'm only sharing this to prove that I did indeed make another new soup last week. It's a potato soup recipe that is in our Blentec blender cookbook. I added more potatoes than it called for and I think I blended it too long (hense the thick batter consistency). I roasted a few extra veggies to add- onions, a couple carrots and a jalapeno pepper. I blended it all in the blender and it had a nice flavor, but something about the texture and its apprearance...and the fact that it did indeed have flour and butter in it...whatever it was, I just felt like I was eating waffle batter. The strange thing is that the kids liked it! So, not a total fail. Here's a pic:

It's a bit hard to get motivated to make more soup when the forcast calls for 60 degree weather the next couple days....maybe a gazpacho or a chilled cucumber soup? Sounds good to me!

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