January 19, 2012

A Good Breakfast

A couple months back, Subway had one their breakfast sandwiches on sale as their $5 footlong of the month, so I gave it a try. When the lady asked if I wanted any vegetables on it, I thought not. It seemed weird to have tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc on a breakfast sandwich. But I tried it and I loved it!

So, I've been sort of duplicating this sandwich at home. I made one this morning. I scrambled one egg with half a turkey sausage, put that on toasted bread then topped it with a little grated cheese, some tomatoes & peppers. Onions would be good too but I don't like the smell of onions on my hands (or on my breath) in the morning. Blech.

Such a nice filling breakfast with fiber, protein & some fresh veggies. Yum!

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