March 01, 2012

My Creative Kid

I love to brag on him. He's so smart and innovative and confident to boot. He loves to draw. And lately his subject of choice is rocket ships. With really cool names. He said other kids in his class were impressed with his drawings and wanted him to draw some for them. Well, he came up with this awesome idea. He decided to make bookmarks featuring his artwork for the other kids. AND he was even bold enough to ask the school librarian if he could make some for the school library and allow all the kids to take one when they checked out books. She said yes of course. He was so excited and got to work right away. I helped by sectioning off a blank piece of paper to allow 6 bookmarks per page. He drew them in and gave them each names.

I scanned the page, rearranged the spacing a bit and cleaned up some of the smudges via photoshop. Then we picniked the text onto the image. I let him choose the fonts.

In case you can't read them, here are their names: The Big One, Mastermind, Ghost Bomb, Dynamite, Rocket of the Sun, Star Speeder and (my favorite) Dawn of Awesomeness.

I bought some brightly colored cardstock paper at Target and we printed off about 60 bookmarks, cut them up and he took them to school.

Of course, I'll never really know for sure what the level of excitement & gratitude of the students was. But he told me he had to disguise himself at recess by taking his glasses off to avoid the throngs of kids coming up to him to thank him for the bookmarks. Yeah, 9 year olds are prone to exaggeration but I played along because I could tell how proud he was. Now, he said the other kids in his class are trying to come up with bookmarks ideas too. My trendsetting's a wonder he's related to me ;)

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Dagni said...

What a talented grandson I have! I'm so proud of him.