March 18, 2012

Better Than {insert your very most favorite thing here} Cake

Another recipe found on Pinterest. What did I ever do before Pinterest? Who knows. I think I finally understand the hype. It's so fun! And I love having all my favorite things & recipes right there, with pictures too.

Well, this cake that I found is called "Better than Naptime Cake" but it was actually originally called Better than....something else. A little something a bit naughtier that starts with an 's' and ends with an 'ex'. But the blog I was linked to was a nice wholesome mommy blog and she thought a more appropriate name would be, "Better than Naptime Cake." Because for a mom of a little one, naptime is better than just about anything else, including that word that ends with an ex. Anywhoooo, call the cake 'better than' whatever you want, it's good. Very good. And easy too.

We had a big party weekend here, my husband turned 40 last Thursday and it ended up being a 4 day celebration, a party for each decade I guess. Thursday we celebrated just the four of us. Then Friday with some of my family, then Saturday with his family & friends, then tonight it was just the two of us out to dinner. Whew. I think I'm tired of celebrating. And I feel like I'm about to explode from all the party food.

For Saturday's celebration, I made this naptime cake and everyone loved it. The recipe called for using a boxed cake mix for the chocolate cake part. I decided to make one of those "wacky chocolate cakes" that calls for no eggs or dairy. I've had good luck with those, they are so moist. This is the recipe I used this time, it's a keeper.

So, after you bake the cake, you let it cool for a few minutes then poke some holes in it.

The holes I made were probably bigger than necessary, but it still turned out time. After poking the holes, you pour 1/2 a can condensed milk and a few tablespoons of caramel topping on top.

Sprinkle some crushed Heath bar on top. Let it cool completely before spreading on a tub cool whip and topping with rest of the Heath bar.

Yesterday I assembled the thing during naptime and today I enjoyed eating my fair share during naptime. I think it tastes best during naptime, especially after being chilled for a day. It's was even moister & yummier than it was yesterday. This is a great special occasion cake!

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