March 30, 2012

Felt Story Board

My daughter loves story time at the library. And she desperately wants to be the story lady. She used to gather up her stuffed animals, set them on place mats and read them stories. These days the audience is mostly just me. Even though she calls me "you guys." Usually after the REAL story lady is done reading a couple books to the kids she gets out a felt board and tells another story or does a rhyme or song involving felt characters. So, last week we decided to make our own story board and a few figures to go along with it.

A while back at a garage sale, I bought a bag of large felt pieces in basic colors (for $1). I also bought a BIG stack of smaller pieces in all different colors (also $1). I didn't know what I would do with all that felt but I can't resist cheap fabric, and I LOVE it when I end up putting it to good use!

We started with a large piece of cardboard then cut out two large pieces of felt. We thought it would be fun to have two colors for backgrounds so we cut out enough of each color to cover one half of the board. I left a couple inches around the edges to wrap around and blue on the back. Here we are gluing-

Our colors were deep navy blue and bright yellow. Perfect for nighttime & daytime scenes! Here is the final product-

I had some Sesame Street flannel in my stash so I cut out a few of those characters (flannel clings nicely to felt as well). Then we cut a few simple objects, the sun, moon, stars, cloud, tree, flowers and some furniture for Elmo's room. It's so fun and the possibilities are endless! I'd like to do some basic shapes and also letters & numbers. My daughter is in seventh heaven with this thing. It folds in half and she totes it around then sits down and tells stories, rearranges the objects and invites me to sit & listen. I never imagined it would be such an easy project!


Mali said...

Cute! Those always bring be back to my Sunday School days.

Dagni said...

I love it! I'd like to have J tell me a story using the flannel board.