October 16, 2011

New Kitchen Decor

Lately I've been inspired to spruce up the house a bit (having company over is great motivation). Anyway, I have/had a lot of empty spaces that needed to be filled. I framed a few pictures that I'd been meaning to frame for a while and put hubby to work hanging things. He just loves drilling holes in the walls. I didn't have a very big budget for knick knacky things so I went to Goodwill and found a few fun kitschy things for the kitchen area that called my name.

Here's the first one, Mr Squirrel

I don't particulary like squirrels but I love nuts and thought it would be fun to store some of mine inside of his. I hope that doesn't sound too naughty.

Here's another critter, a cute rooster.

Here they are on my kitchen shelves. That Dansk pot up top I bought at Goodwill to sell (they do fairly well on Ebay) but I decided I liked its funkiness as well so it's a keeper.

Here's my new napkin holder on the kitchen table atop the mushroom placemat I made a while back.

And this next one is not cheap nor silly, I received a very nice frame for my birthday from my favorite aunt & uncle (I don't think any of my aunts or uncles read this blog so I feel pretty safe saying that). They framed a cute birthday card in it that I left there for a while, then I decided I was tired of being reminded that I just had a birthday. I thought it looked nice on my bar counter in the kitchen right above where I do most of my food preparation, but I didn't really have a good picture to put in it. So I decided to find a kitchen poem or saying and frame it. I just googled "kitchen sayings" and found a couple then doctored them up on Picnik. Here's a few of what I came up with-

Those two bottom ones say, "A pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonfull of laughter and a heap of love." So cute, but I ended up using that top middle one. Here it is in the frame-

That vase beside it is another one of my Goodwill finds. It's a Haegar vase and I really love it with my World Market "twigs".

I don't really have a decorating style and I've always struggled with choosing things for the house fearing that I'm breaking some sort of rules. But I've decided that's silly and I should just choose things that make me smile or remind me of somebody or something that I love. These few new little things make me happy!


Linda said...

I saw some of those twigs at dollar tree - probably not as nice as yours but I might try them out...

Dagni said...

I love this blog entry! And your shelves look great.