October 04, 2011

8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day

I got an email today from the "Eat This Not That" people and I thought it was very interesting! It said you can get all the nutrition you need if you eat these 8 foods every day plus some kind of lean protein.

* Spinach
* Yogurt
* Tomatoes
* Carrots
* Blueberries
* Black Beans
* Walnuts
* Oats

I don't think I could swing JUST those 8 for me or the family but I've decided that next week when there's a little more grocery money in the tank that I'm going shopping and I'm going to try to incorporate as many as I can into our meals & snacks every day for a week.

I just love a challenge (and all the foods sound really yummy to me!)

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Linda said...

Good idea!!