April 11, 2011

More adventures in blending

We're really enjoying our new blender, though my son requested a snack the other day and specified that he didn't want anything "liquidy." Me thinks he's getting tired of smoothies. Oh well, we're still having fun with it. Along with a couple more soups, some spaghetti sauce and several more variations of smoothies, I made some dough in it the other day. It came out very nice, though it caused the blender to overheat (!) I guess it's more of a "you better not make me work that hard again without giving me a 20 minute rest" type of warning, according to the manual. Not like it's broken or damaged because it's worked just fine since then. In fact, we gave it a pretty good workout yesterday making peanut butter! That was quite amazing to watch and we got amazing results! It's hard to believe we started out with just this-

and ended up with this- It came out of the blender so smooth and creamy and warm too! A great snack with some carrots.

And the dough I mentioned was the crust for this pizza-

I topped the partially baked crust with a creamy alfredo sauce then some diced rotisserie chicken, chopped marinated artichokes, sliced red onions then some mozzarella & Italian seasoning and it was a seriously good pizza. Btw, this here is my new go to pizza crust. It was perfect!

So, our blender has a "cycle count" that is kind of like an odometer, adding one for each blending session. Ours is up to 33. We'll see how many more we can add this week!

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Dagni said...

That pizza looks professionally made!