September 21, 2010


I go there way too much. And it's not really a matter of loving their food, it's more a matter of convenience and cheap drinks from 2-4pm. It seems there's a Sonic around every corner, including one very close to school where I pick up my son every day at 3:30 (that's HAAAAAPY hour baby!) So, since I frequent there I've done some research into some of the good and bad food choices that they offer, since often I've got the munchies when I stop there for my drinks. I'm only comparing the el cheapo stuff since in my opinion, most of their food is overpriced and really not that great.

The good (good being a relative term here):

Corn Dog (surprise!) 210 Cal 11g Fat
Chicken Strips (2) 200 Cal 11g Fat
Small Tots 130 Cal 8g Fat
Jr Oreo Sundae 150 Cal 5g Fat
Jr Banana Split 210Cal 6g Fat

The bad (there's tons of bad, but here's a few that have called my name)

Frito Chili Cheese Wrap 670 Cal 39g Fat
French Toast Sticks 500 Cal 31g Fat
Caramel Java Chiller 500 Cal 25 Fat
Pretty much any shake-type concoction is gonna run into the 500-1000 calorie range
with fat grams ranging from 30-70.

And just a tip, if you skip the mayo on any sandwich/burger, you save approx 80 calories and 9 grams of fat. Sub with mustard for only 5 calories and zero fat.

And another tip. Stay away from the 20 oz Snickers Sonic Blast. It's the highest calorie thing on the menu. 1210 calories and 58 grams of fat.

The best news of all for me is that my super favorite drink, my precious Route 44 Peach Tea rings in at only 10 calories!! For the whole dang drink - all 44 ounces. Yay! I highly recommend it, it's plenty sweet with the little peach flavoring they add. Their regular sweet tea, same size, is 400 calories!

You can check out the rest HERE!

Happy Sonic-ing.


Domestic Nerd said...

1210 calories?!?! Wow....

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Oh yikes! The Snickers blast has as much fat and calories that I'm supposed to have in a day! That's just wrong...