September 02, 2010

A Good Deal

My Kohl's store is selling this book for $5.00 right now.

I've been wanting to try it out for a while and that's such a great deal, even cheaper than you can buy a copy online. Anyway, the premise of this book is to prepare various fruit and vegetable purees, like sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, mostly things that kids refuse to eat. Then, take the purees and hide them in everyday food like mac & cheese, nuggets, brownies, etc and supposedly no one will ever be able to tell you're sneaking vegetables into the food. This book is nicely put together, it's fun to read, has great pics and some very good looking recipes! I'm anxious to try some of them.

I do have a slight problem with this book though. I realize some kids have a very strong aversion to vegetables. And getting them to eat healthy is hard. But, this book relies very heavily on the themes of being sneaky, secretive and deceiving. The first page of the recipe section states, "The Deception Begins..." That kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So, the kids eat their nuggets, burgers and brownies thinking they never have to eat vegetables? I think a better way would be to tell them and teach them that they can be yummy! My son actually gets excited when I sneak something into dinner like that. There should be satisfaction in eating good rather than thinking you got away with another meal of nothing healthy. Does that make sense? I think disguising the vegetables is fine! I just don't think it needs to be a big secret. I'll be trying some of the recipes soon and I'll let you know how "deceptively delicious" they really are :)


Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Sounds like a fun book!

Domestic Nerd said...

I agree with you. I do both. My kids eat veggies with every dinner (and sometimes lunch & breakfast too), but I also try to add some things in the "fun" stuff...and I do tell them, because if they like it, then they know they like veggies!