August 11, 2010

Snack Fail :(

I had really high hopes for this! I love Snack Girl. Have you heard of her? She has an awesome website where she reviews store bought food, restaurant menu items and also gives some great tips and recipes for healthy snacking. So, I was excited to give THIS one a try. I've never eaten kale. Didn't know much about kale. In fact, whenever I hear the word "kale," I think of the boy I had a crush on in 4th grade. His name was Kail actually, and he was super cute...anyway, the FOOD kale is a cruciferous vegetable, related to cabbage. It is jam packed full of all kinds of nutrients and cancer-fighting stuff. Sounds excellent! And according to Snack Girl, my kids will LOVE this stuff in CHIP form. So, I found it at the store and it was not expensive, just $1.18 for a large bunch. I washed it, patted it dry and tore off some pretty bite-size pieces. Tossed them with olive oil and a splash of vinegar, a bit of salt and pepper and into the oven they went.

Here they are all green and perky:

And here they are shriveled up, dried up and not so pretty:

They smelled okay while they were cooking so I was anxious to give them a try. I took a bite and they tasted very...cruciferousy. Kinda sorta bitter with a strange aftertaste. Maybe we got a bad batch? Who knows. Anyway, my son was very excited to try them. He's an adventurous kid always willing to try new things. I gave no indication on how they tasted to me, and was thinking maybe he would like them. He took a little bite and promptly asked for a drink of water. It was a no go. My daughter thought they were fun to smash into a million pieces, but none of the pieces made it into her mouth. I think she just knew. I ate a few more and they were okay, tolerable, but not great. I suppose if you're a big fan of this family of vegetables than you'd like them just fine! I like cabbage in cole slaw and cooked as sauerkraut is okay, but I guess kale is just not for me. It was fun to try something new though!

and PS. if you do try these, be prepared for little "reminders" of them and their unique flavor throughout the rest of the day. if you know what I mean.


Dagni said...

That was hilarous! I actually like cooked kale, so maybe I should try it this way too.

christi @ grey umbrella said...

ha! i tried some kale chips too after seeing them on several blogs and mine looked exactly like yours and were AWFUL!!!! i decided that i'll keep our kale in quesadillas!