August 02, 2010

Great website!

This site has some very helpful tools to make meal planning easier! I've been
wanting to meal plan for...forever but really didn't have the tools or the
organizational talents to make it happen. I'm hoping and praying this site will
change that! It allows you to browse their recipes (and there are some good ones!) then create a meal plan based on the recipes you choose and even print a shopping list. All for free. I haven't yet learned all the ins and outs and there are probably more features that I haven't discovered yet. So far it seems like an excellent tool to get started.

I have made a pledge to myself that starting this school year I will plan at least 3 dinner meals per week. The other nights we will either have leftovers or just fix and eat what we've got (can anyone say "sandwich night?") I've already created my "cookbook" on this site and am just about ready to get started!

And for dinner tonight I'm planning on making THIS. Seems like the perfect light dinner for a blazing hot summer day.

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Dagni said...

That recipe sounds great! I'll try it too.