August 03, 2010


I cooked up a Mexican feast tonight. Okay, it wasn't really a feast,
but it was a pretty fancy dinner by my standards.
I bought this book at a garage sale:

It's a great little cookbook with so many simple recipes.

It inspired these two dishes:

Then upon recommendation of my sister I tried the Carnitas recipe from That there was some yummy pig! We piled the rice and meat on our tortillas and topped them with shredded spinach (my sub for lettuce), cheese, my "homemade" tomato salsa and sour cream. We ate the corn and black bean salsa on the side with tortilla chips.

It was a very good dinner and everyone liked it lots.

AND there's plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. YAY!


Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Wow, that is a feast! Now I'm craving carnitas - yum!

Dagni said...

That food looks amazing!! I'm impressed!