July 19, 2011

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad

Thank you to my sister for sharing this recipe with me! She served it to us when we visited her last month and we all loved it. It is a perfect dinner to make on a hot summer day, just throw the chicken in the crock pot, get all your fresh ingredients together and it's a simple & delicious but still wonderfully substantial dinner.

I didn't make her exact dressing since I didn't have all the ingredients on hand. And I'd had my eye on this homemade ranch dressing so that is what we used. I was so excited to have all the fresh herbs the ranch called for.

So, follow the link above or here's my rough summary of how we made our Southwest Barbecue Chicken Salads...

Throw a few chicken breasts & onions in the crock pot with some barbecue sauce. Let it cook a several hours till all done then shred it up.

Place on your plate: salad greens, black beans, corn, bbq chicken, tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole (we had to skip the guac this time since I couldn't bring myself to pay $1.99 per avocado!), then top with dressing, a squeeze of a lime, a dollup of salsa and some crushed up tortilla chips.

Here's how our salads turned out:

Even the kids loved this stuff, it's like your old standby taco salad but sooooo much better!! The barbecue gives it such a great flavor.

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Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Now I'm craving a salad! I need to make it for dinner soon. I also want to try that ranch recipe. Sounds yummy!