September 01, 2011


I've been wanting to try to make my own tortillas for a long time. It always seemed like it would be a difficult thing to do even though I'd read to the contrary. We finally did it yesterday and it wasn't hard at all, just a little time-consuming and fast paced.

I used this recipe but used half whole wheat flour and half white. Also, I used Smart Balance spread in place of the shortening. The dough was stiff, but pretty easy to work with. It wasn't sticky and rolled out easily without breaking, even to a very thin texture. I worked quickly, cooking one tortilla on the stove while rolling out the next and that timed itself perfectly. As soon as one was done I had the next rolled out. My only struggle was getting them into a circular shape, my edges were very rough, but who cares, they tasted good!

One reviewers tip I'm glad I followed was to put the tortillas in a ziplock bag shortly after cooking them. This allows them to soften enough that they are easier to work with.

We made some quesadillas yesterday and they turned out delicious. How fun it was to eat something made with our own home-made tortillas! No funny ingredients, preservatives or hydrogenated anything. My plan is to make a larger batch soon and freeze them for future use.

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