March 10, 2011

Bunny Carrots

I have to share this, it's just too funny! I bought some carrots the other day. Grown-up carrots, not baby carrots. I haven't bought anything other than baby carrots for quite a while, but I needed them for a recipe and they were so much cheaper so I bought the old-fashioned long carrots that are not peeled, washed or shaved into little bite size pieces. Well, my 2.5 year old saw them and got very excited. I guess she's never seen a 'real carrot' in person before! She said, "bunny carrots!!" Just like in a storybook or in a cartoon or stuck in a snowman's face. It is kinda sad that when we did make a snowman this year we had to give him a stubby little baby carrot nose because that's all we had.

Anyway, she was so excited about these carrots and demanded I give her one to dip and eat. So, I gave her a nice long skinny carrot and she dipped and ate it and hopped around like a bunny rabbit. Later when my son came home from school I showed him the carrots and he was pretty excited about them too. I washed one for him and he dipped it in some (lite) thousand island dressing then wanted another and another and another. I think he ate 4 of them. And they were big honkin' carrots too. It's so funny, you just never know what will get these kids excited. Who knew my package of carrots would disappear so quickly!

It reminded me of a Snack Girl idea for Pickled Carrots. I mentioned it to my son and he thought they sounded great so I think I'll try to make them soon.