May 07, 2012

Some Good Dinners!

I made this Thai Coconut Soup a couple weeks ago. It was amazing and so easy too. Next time I make it I'm going to use even more ginger & jalapeno, since that's what really gives it its kick.

I made a batch of Asian Mango Slaw to go with it and I felt all fancy serving such an exotic dinner to my family.

Then last week I decided to make a nice meat & potatoes dinner for my husband since he's been suffering through a lot of 'light' dinners (not his thing) lately. So, I made some meat loaf, green beans, mashed potatoes and some dinner rolls made from my favorite bread recipe.

Everything was delish and it provided a weekend full of leftovers. Hellooooo meat loaf sandwiches!

Next yummy dinner...I LOVE middle eastern food. It's my food of choice for my birthday dinner every year. There's a particularly wonderful restaurant here in town that Mom orders from for me and gets gyros, tabbouleh, hummus and the whole lot. So, after stumbling across this post, I decided to get ambitious and give it a go for myself. Instead of chicken, I used beef. I don't know my cuts of beef very well, but I found some stew meat on sale and it worked great. It was cut up nicely and rather lean. I marinated it then just cooked it in a skillet, but I'm sure it would've been even better grilled. And the bread...oh the bread. It was SO good. I didn't use the flatbread recipe on the blog, I found a recipe for naan on allrecipes that I thought looked better. It was so fun to make. I mixed up the dough in the bread machine then I experimented with "baking" it a couple different ways. I did some in my iron skillet and some in the George Foreman grill. I think I prefer the skillet method, but they both worked great. Here they are stacked up and ready to go. I made a half batch and it made plenty, about a dozen.

The leftovers we used for our breakfast wraps. YUM!! I'll be making that bread again very soon.

I made the tzatziki and some tabbouleh to go along with it and everyone loved everything. Here's the meal:

(my tabbouleh had tomatoes of course, but I had to add those after the fact since I'm the only tomato lover in this house).

I made some awesome desserts to go with two of these meals, but those will have to wait for another post. I've got to get to meal planning for this coming week!

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Emily {Frilly Details} said...

Everything sounds delicious!