June 06, 2011

New Summer Stuff

So, last week I tried a couple new recipes from the Eating Well cookbook I checked out from the library. We had barbecue tofu burgers with cucumber soup on the side. The burgers turned out fab, even though my rolls didn't rise properly.

The soup was blah and kinda yucky so no pic.

And here's something else new to me, Watermelon Salsa! We had two giant watermelons leftover from Memorial Day, so I made a large batch. It was very...interesting. I liked it, but it was hard to get past the fact that it was watermelon. Mixed with onion, jalapeno and garlic. It just seemed weird. But, the more I ate, the more I liked it. Doesn't it look pretty though with these guacamole chips?!

My garden was a flop last year. It was in an awkward spot that is not easy to water and I wasn't motivated to weed it or give it the attention it deserved. I didn't feel like repeating all that so I'm just going to do some container gardening this summer. I have a few larger pots that I'm using, they are closer to my flower pots so I can just water everything together. I'm not going all out, just doing tomatoes and a few herbs and maybe some peppers. I'm getting a late start but I finally got a couple of the pots put together today. Maybe I'll post weekly pics so I can keep track of the progress.

And, here's something new and (hopefully) fun that I came up with. I made charts for each of the kids so they can keep track of their daily fruit and vegetable consumption. The goal is 5 fruits and/or vegetables a day and they put a sticker for each serving they eat.

My daughter asked today if chips were a vegetable. I guess Doritos are made from corn but I told her no. I really should make one of these for hubby too :) I'm proud to say I have no problem getting my 5 servings a day. I think I had 5 servings of carrots alone today. I may turn orange soon, I can't get enough carrots lately.

Grocery budget is tight this week so I'm going to have to get new and creative with whatever is in the pantry. Good luck to me!

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