January 21, 2011


This is my favorite go-to snack these days. It's pretty simple but I think it's super yummy and really, who doesn't love to dip!? I make my dip with plain non-fat yogurt mixed about half and half with light sour cream. I think I go through a big container of both each week. Then, I take some dry ranch or italian dressing mix and sprinkle that into it along with some dry dill and/or chives and/or dry minced onion. Really, the seasoning possibilities are endless and totally to taste, though I try to keep the salt content down as much as possible. Then let the dipping begin...pretzles, triscuits, carrots, cucumbers, red & yellow peppers, raw cauliflower & broccoli you name it, I'll dip it. It's a good refreshing snack!

The pretzles in the picture are called "pennysticks" and they had NO salt added. I loved them!

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Emily {Frilly Details} said...

I love me some dip! I need to buy some yogurt and light sour cream next time I'm at the store.