November 15, 2012


I'm just barely squeaking this in before the deadline! It's a fun little project that is part of a fabulous festival called, "Donktober!"


It's a gathering of crafts & sewing projects centered around a donkey theme. My entry for Donktober is this pair of sock donkeys. Full tutorial here. I've made several sock monkeys before and I just adore them. And I've seen patterns for sock elephants, but this is my first encounter with sock donkeys.

I was just going to make just one and give it to one of my kids, but then I decided they should each have one. That way, the donkeys can be friends and then there would be no fighting or hard feelings amongst the kids. There's enough of that going on anyway.

So, how adorable are they? Definitely not perfect and lovably lumpy (I'm not so good at the stuffing part).

I'm not sure how much mine actually look like donkeys. Perhaps more like moose, or a character from Backyardigans?
Oh well, whatever they resemble, they are definitely cute and the kids think so too. We're still deciding on names, so far, it's just Donkey and Mr. Donkey.

Now, this has got me I making some sort of political statement by making these and joining in on a donktoberfest? If so, I should probably go ahead and make those elephant ones just to be fair.

Thank you to Missy Mac Creations for sponsoring this party!


Mara said...

Very cute, love the colors you used, I so understand the fighting part, my kids are the same way. I made 2 also, but 1 is bigger than the other one and that seems to have settled the kids because then it's big brother donkey and little sister donkey.

Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

They are so cute! Hardest part when I made one was picking the buttons for the eyes!! Your eyes are great :)

Greta said...

If I made one bigger than the other, there would be fighting about that, no doubt ;)

At first I made the eyes just white, but that didn't look quite right, so I added a smaller black button to the center.