August 06, 2012

Have Toothbrush, Will Travel

We just returned from a nice camping trip to the mountains. We had a wonderful relaxing time. Except for the long drive of course, and some of the usual sibling bickering, but overall lots of fun. My only other two complaints were some overly curious bears (this was at our neighbor's campsite) -

and some very chilly/rainy weather-

I know it seems crazy to complain about that when its still over 100 here and dry as a bone. Wish we could've brought some of that rain home with us!

Anywho, while preparing for our trip, in the midst packing and cooking and cleaning and laundry, I managed to sew this little gem. I saw this idea on pinterest a while back, a roll-up toothbrush 'caddy!' Since it was just a listing on etsy, there was no tutorial or instructions, I just winged it. And I winged it in a matter of minutes. It was so easy!

I bought two regular sized washcloths at the dollar store. I folded one in half and placed it on top of the other with the fold in the center. I sewed around the sides & bottom, then sewed seams to separate the folded cloth into four sections. I also sewed in a piece of elastic. (forgive these gosh-awful pics!)

So, you can slide your toothbrushes & flossers into the slots, then fold the top down.

Then roll it up & loop the elastic around it to hold it closed.

I love that it's an absorbent holder, I always hate just throwing everyone's toothbrush into baggies and I've never met a plastic toothbrush holder I liked. Then, when you're back from your trip, you can just toss it in the wash. Genius!

I love this idea & wish I would've discovered it sooner. It's a keeper!

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Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a great idea!! And I think that's something even I can sew :)